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Tragically, Attorney Adrienne Blocker has represented children and the parents of children who have been injured or killed while boarding their stopped school bus in North Carolina.

It is important to be aware of school buses – and the children getting on and off those buses.

Each day, about 3,000 vehicles illegally pass stopped school buses in North Carolina, putting children’s lives in danger, according to research by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. School systems across the state have started using cameras on the buses, but that still is not enough. Drivers must know – and obey – the law.

N.C. General Statute § 20-217 requires all vehicles to stop for a school bus displaying its mechanical arm or flashing red lights:

When a school bus is displaying its mechanical stop signal or flashing red lights and the bus is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging passengers, the driver of any other vehicle that approaches the school bus from any direction on the same street, highway, or public vehicular area in North Carolina shall bring that other vehicle to a full stop and shall remain stopped. The driver of the other vehicle shall not proceed to move, pass, or attempt to pass the school bus until after the mechanical stop signal has been withdrawn, the flashing red stoplights have been turned off, and the bus has started to move.

As clear as the law is, people still disregard the law every day. When a driver passes a stopped school bus, that driver is risking a child’s life or at the very least increasing the likelihood of injuring a child.

Know School Bus laws in North Carolina and make sure every driver in your house does too!

It’s as easy as thinking of the colors on a stop light:

YELLOW lights flashing = slow down.

RED lights flashing = stop.

Children crossing = stop and wait.

Bus moving = proceed with caution.

Adkins School Bus Safety Act
If your child has been injured by someone who passed a stopped school bus in North Carolina, it is to your advantage to consult with a personal injury attorney and get advice.


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